Extended Warranty

You can sit back and hope your Harley® bike never breaks down, or you can act to protect your investment and your finances. Ride worry-free with the Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan. It protects you from costly repairs.

You didn’t settle for less when you got your Harley®. Don’t settle for anything less than the best service plan available—the Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan.

The Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan

Fender-to-Fender protection for up to five additional years beyond the two-year factory warranty on new motorcycles, and up to four years on a used motorcycle. Tire and wheel road hazard protection is also available.

Locked-in repair costs: All you'll ever pay is the $50 deductible for covered repairs per visit, not per repair.

Protected Resale: The H-D Extended Service Plan can be transferred to a new owner for free.

Travel Protection: Reimbursements provided for a rental car, pickup charges, and your hotel*. We'll never leave you stranded.

Payment Options: You can pay for this valuable protection with the Harley-Davidson® Visa® Card, or include it with your loan from Harley-Davidson Credit

* Restrictions apply: See actual contract (Part I and Part II) for specific coverage, exclusions and restrictions

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